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Kali Linux can be downloaded in a few different ways. One of the most popular ways to get Kali Linux is to download the ISO image. The ISO image is available  in 32-bit and 64-bit images.

>  If you plan on using Kali Linux on a virtual machine such as VMware, there is a VM image prebuilt. The advantage of downloading the VM image is that it comes preloaded with VMware tools. The VM image is a 32-bit image with Physical Address Extension support, or better known as PAE. In theory, a PAE kernel allows the system to access more system memory than a traditional 32-bit operating system.

There have been some well-known personalities in the world of operating systems that have argued for and against the usefulness of a PAE kernel. However, the authors of this book suggest using the VM image of Kali Linux if you plan on using it in a virtual environment.

Virtulisation Software:


Virtualizing Kali Linux versus installing it on physical hardware The popularity of virtualization software makes it an attractive option for installing your testing machine on a virtualized platform. Virtualization software provides a rich set of features at a low cost and removes the hassle of dual booting the machine. Another useful feature that most virtualization software packages provide is the cloning of virtual machines that you can use to create multiple copies of the same machine. In a real-world penetration test, you might need to clone and duplicate your testing machine in order to install additional hacking tools and to make configuration changes in Kali Linux, keeping a copy of the earlier image to be used as a base image in a virtualized environment. This can be achieved very easily. Some virtualization software have a revert to snapshot feature, wherein, if you mess up your testing machine, you can go back in time and restore a clean slate on which you can do your work. Modifying the amount of RAM, size of a virtual disk, and number of virtual processors assigned to a virtual machine when required is another well-known feature of virtualization software. Along with the features that make a virtualization platform such an attractive option comes one major drawback. If the penetration test involves testing the strength of the password used on the network or another processor-intensive task, you will need a high-performing processor and a GPU dedicated to that task. Cracking passwords on a virtual platform is not a wise thing to do, as it slows down the process and you won't be able to use the processor to its maximum capacity due to the virtualization overhead. Another feature of a virtualization platform that confuses a lot of people is the networking options. Bridged, Host-only, and NAT are the three major networking options that virtualization software provide. Bridged networking is the recommended option for performing a penetration test, as the virtual machine will act as if it is connected to a physical switch and packets move out of the host machine unaltered

Preinstalled virtual machines: VirtualBox, VMware, and Hyper-V images are available to download from the official Kali Linux site. Just download and import any one of them to your virtualization software.

Docker containers: In recent years, Docker containers have proved to be useful and convenient in many scenarios and have gained favor over virtualization in some sectors. The official Kali Linux image for Docker is found at: https://hub.docker.com/r/kalilinux/kali-linux-docker/.

Choose acct to  architecture: 32bits(x86) & 64bits (x64)

Virtual Machine Disk Format(vmdk)

The only hardware necessary is a personal computer, with an operation system capable of running VirtualBox or other virtualization software. As for specifications, the recommended setup is as follows: Intel i5, i7, or a similar CPU 500 GB on hard drive 8 GB on RAM An internet connection 

What is Virtualisation ? hackin5min.com | Cyber Security | Hacking 
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