[Tutorial] How to verify Instagram account | hackin5min.com

[Tutorial] How to verify Instagram account

Step 1:

Make your account look professional, not a spam account, some quality, no loose, meaningless posts. The last 6 publications must be the best. Nothing to refuel or sell or promote shits, all own and original content. If your account is dedicated to promoting interrupt it for a while while you verify the account.

Step 2:

Adjust your biography and 1, 2 or your last 3 publications to be international. It seems that you are "internationally known" or doing business worldwide. I don't know why, but it's important if you're not famous precisely šŸ˜…. You have to put things to make it look like you are internationally recognized. they will not verify "Murcia Desatranques" because it is a local business, not global.

Step 3:

Create 3 accounts from other ips, browser and email on different days. Each with its bio and publications (publications stolen from your original and other random ones) Have them engage these accounts for a week or so. It is best to use another phone, computer with vpn and all those things you already know ... Delete cookies, different phone number ... NEVER log in with your real account without having deleted cookies and changed ip. Keep in mind that the names you use on those accounts have to be similar to the official one.

Step 4:

Wait 1 or 2 weeks and report those accounts with more friends. And you report them by pretending to be blah blah blah ...

Step 5:

After the accounts have been deleted by IG. Fill in the form to be verified. And it would be, it usually takes about 5 days. If they say no, repeat the steps again.

[Tutorial] How to verify Instagram account | hackin5min.com
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