What is Best Hacking Operating System ? Cyber Security | hackin5min.com

What is Best Hacking Operating System  ? 

Cyber Security | hackin5min.com

In this Article I gonna talk about Best Operating System for Hackers.
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Kali is a security-focused Linux distribution that comes pre-packaged with a lot of the tools we've been using throughout the book, such as Burp Suite, as well as others, such as Maltego, Metasploit, and Wireshark.

And because you can boot and run Kali from a live CD, it's potentially very lightweight. There's no need to do a persistent install on hardware and no need to write any data to disk. These two features of Kali (it's portability and preloaded assets), make it a great choice for pentesters who might not have regular access to their own machine.

Why Kali Linux ?

1. It's important to ask yourselves a series of questions about any tool you are thinking of adopting, analyzing how it will fit into your existing workflow, what value it will add, how it is uniquely positioned to add that value, and more.

 2. Burp Notes, the Burp Python Scripter, and the JSON Beautifier (one of many beautifiers) are just a few of the great extensions we've covered. 

3. Nmap and Aircrack-ng are both best practice tools for network pentesting. 

4. Burp Pro gives you the Burp Scanner, automated PoC generation, and several other useful Advanced Manual Tools. 

5. Kali Linux comes packaged with many of the tools researchers rely on. The fact that it can also live-boot from a disk makes it a lightweight solution for any pentesting lab. 

6. OSINT stands for Open Source Intelligence and is the process of gathering information about a target from publicly available sources, like social media profiles and public record data. 

7. Metasploit bills itself as an exploitation framework and is designed to both detect and generate the code to exploit vulnerabilities. As a tool that shines in the exploitation phase.

  • Exposure to advanced infrastructure penetration testing techniques and methodologies 
  • Gain hands-on experience of penetration testing in Linux system vulnerabilities and memory exploitation 
  • Understand what it takes to break into enterprise networks 
  • Learn to secure the configuration management environment and continuous delivery pipeline 
  • Gain an understanding of how to exploit networks and IoT devices
  • Discover real-world, post-exploitation techniques and countermeasures







What is Best Hacking Operating System  ? Cyber Security | hackin5min.com

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