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 6 करोड़ के पार पहुंचा डाउनलोड का आंकड़ा

प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने देश में जारी Lockdonw को 3 मई तक बढ़ाने का ऐलान किया है। इस दौरान अपने संबोधन में उन्होंने देश के लोगों से Aarogya Setu App डाउनलोड कर यूज करने की अपील की है। इस Aarogya Setu App की मदद से आपको Covid-19 से जुड़ी अहम जानकारियां मिलती हैं। साथ ही यह ऐप आपको यह भी जानकारी देती है कि कहीं आप जिससे मिले वो कोरोना संक्रमित तो नहीं है। सरकार ने Coronavirus से निपटने और इसके लक्षणों की पहचान में आम आदमी की मदद के लिए Aarogya Setu App लॉन्च की है।

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced to extend the ongoing Lockdown in the country by 3 May. During this, in his address, he has appealed to the people of the country to download and use Aarogya Setu App. With the help of this Aarogya Setu App, you get important information related to Covid-19. Also, this app also informs you that the corona that you meet is not infected. The government has launched Aarogya
Setu App to help the common man in dealing with Coronavirus and in identifying its symptoms

You can now download this app from the Google Play Store. With the help of this app you can know whether you have come in contact with any Covodi-19 infected person by mistake. This app also gives you the facility of own checkup so that you can know whether you are infected or not. This app has been launched in 11 languages ​​of the country so that users can have ease. This app will answer your every question.

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Benefit Point of View
  • Get official Update of COVID 19
  • Get proper info about DO's & Dont's
  • Checks nearby Positive pateint of Covid 19
  • How to safe from Covid 19
  • How to get rid from Covid 19 diseases

Available in 11 different languages
5 Benefits of Arogya Setu App in Hindi  By Government | hackin5min.com | Mission IT Education 

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