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Note: This Course Review is provided for this course

What About The Course?

Is it Advance Level Hacking Course?

Gautam Kumawat is a Udemy instructor with educational courses available for enrollment. Check out the latest courses taught by Gautam Kumawat.

Answer is No. No one make you hacker in 45 days.Without any afforts.

Its Course Selling Strategy.If you have more money then Purchase  his course.
If you not afford that such money , then don't worry

His Course is CEH based . LAbs are DVWA , not on live websites.

Syllabus Mentioned above

Contact  : Queries

Uploading Soon 2 Course Metasploit Review.

Gautam kumawat courses free downlaod Review
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  1. what is the password the zip file

  2. Replies
    1. it is showing incorrect password.
      kindly share correct password please.

  3. Replies
    1. yeah i mailed them also.. but they are not replying there also..
      don't know what to do buddy!

    2. Bro decryption password is getting wrong, what to do

  4. For me also says incorrect password ...please kindly tell the password

  5. What is the password to open the files

  6. !-aQ0t1qv9JMRpcSpliPxGw password it is


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